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iMasters PHP Experience, edition 2017

iMasters PHP Experience 2017 brings together about 1,200 PHP developers in São Paulo, for national and international lectures, workshops, community areas and various networking actions, divided into two days of great content.

Curatorial team:

Rodrigo Cardoso, Marcel dos Santos, Anderson Casimiro, Hussani Oliveira, Ariana Kataoka, Nickolas Silva and Airton Zanon.
Speakers confirmed for the 2017 edition:


Agenda & Content Areas

Auditório Unified

Accreditation Opening

Official Opening PHP Experience 2017

João Batista Neto - Development Leader, iMasters Rodrigo PokemaoBR - Community Manager, iMasters

The road to PHP 7.1*

Michelangelo van Dam - Senior PHP architect & QA Specialist, In2IT

Creating a Modern Data Architecture for Improve your Application’s Performance

Alex Ciunciusky - Solution Architecture Director, MongoDB Inc

iMasters PUB – Cocktail & Networking

SLA vs Agilidade: uso de microserviços e monitoramento de cloud

Mercado Livre Core Team

PHP Performance Tuning: Prepare for Ludicrous Speed!*

Speaker to be defined
Auditório Architecture

Accreditation Opening

Opening of Stage Arquitetura

João Batista Neto - Development Leader, iMasters

Middlewares e PSR-7

Daniel Gimenes - Software Engineer, Maestrooo

Domain-Driven Design

Jefersson Nathan

Case: MongoDB

Speaker to be defined


Ravan Scafi - Backend Developer, Leroy Merlin

Lunch Break

Streams ou IOT

Matheus Marabesi - Full-Stack Developer, 2Mundos Inc.

Object-Oriented Design

João Batista Neto - Development Leader, iMasters


Speaker to be defined

Coffee break e networking

Além do JSON: novidades do MySQL 5.7 que você não sabia

Gabriela D’Ávila - Data Engineer, Consultora

Essay about Event-driven

Paulo Victor Gomes - CTO, Natue
Auditório DevOps

Accreditation Opening

Opening of Stage DevOps

Rodrigo PokemaoBR - Community Manager, iMasters

Deploy e Integração Contínua

Speaker to be defined


Speaker to be defined

Codeception ou Behat

Júlio de Lima - Test Specialist, RSI Informática

Serverless ou Backend as a Service

Speaker to be defined

Lunch Break

Virtualização em Regras Gerais / Containerização

Éverton Ribeiro - Co-founder, Azuki


Speaker to be defined


Speaker to be defined

Coffee break e networking

Logging Analytics com Elastic Stack

Thiago Souza - Support Engineer, Elastic

DevOps – Da terapia de grupo à vida real com Kubernetes, Openshift e Jenkins

João Brito - DevOps, Getup Cloud
Auditório Hacking

Accreditation Opening

Opening of stage Hacking

Linux Internals

Speaker to be defined

Internals – Macros em PHP

Marcio Almada - PHP Architect, Triad Systems

Lecture to be defined*

Speaker to be defined

Lecture to be defined*

Speaker to be defined

Lunch Break

Lecture to be defined*

Gabriel R. Couto - Head of Software Architecture, Memed

Machine Learning

Speaker to be defined

Coderockr, planrockr e ferramentas para devs

Elton Minetto - Co-founder and CEO, Coderockr

Coffee break e networking

Bots / Portas Seriais ou COM

Speaker to be defined

Data Science e/ou Big Data

Speaker to be defined

Business Lounge

The iMasters PHP Experience Business Lounge receives 28 technology partners to expose products and services to developers


Hotel Pullman – Vila Olímpia

Rua Olimpíadas, 205

Vila Olímpia, São Paulo – SP

Telefone do local: 11 3049-6622

Nearest Airport : Congonhas

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